08 Jan

Welcome to Linux Padawan’s Blog!

As one of the general admins of Linux Padawan, Svetlana Belkin, said back in December 2014:

Today was the release day of Linux Padawan, a free mentoring service that is aimed for all Linux users, new and old, to learn new skills from masters.   Any one can be a padawan or a master, just come and ask one our members of how to become one.

Linux Padawan already been around for a month and we already have a few padawans learning from our masters.

But as a suggestion from Michael Hall, one of the Ubuntu Community mangers, we have opened up a blog that will focus on the news of the service and showing off the projects of our padawans as the learn from their masters.  We hope that we offer the best mentoring for our padawans in order for them to grow.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Linux Padawan’s Blog!

  1. Hi Svetlana! It’s Cranky from the Canadian Ubuntu group. Good luck with the new blog! I look forward to learning more.

    Is an RSS feed available?

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