11 Dec

Reopening of Linux Padawan

Back in May, we had issues with one of our masters/admins and a padawan and due to respect on both parties, their names will be not named.  Due to this, we had a change in management to Svetlana Belkin (belkinsa), Rafael Laguna (redwolf) and Walter Lapchynski (wxl).

Also, back in May, the Ubuntu community wikis were hit by a major spam attack. Both the Ubuntu community wikis and our wiki were running on the MoinMoin wiki platform.  While the wiks of Ubuntu are still on MoinMoin, we have switched to the MediaWiki platform.  Since we done this, we ask our active members to recreate their profile pages.  The easiest way is to to find your name on the “About Us” page, link that link, and create that page.

We also created a Code of Conduct page.

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