21 Jan

Master Spotlight: Svetlana Belkin

Meet Svetlana Belkin

1) How did you first get started using Linux? What distros, software or resources did you use while learning?

I started out with Ubuntu Linux in 2009 and most of the learning I done was on my own just clicking around and changing settings to the way I want it. If I was stuck, I Googled for my answer and sometimes I asked in #ubuntu on IRC, on the Ubuntu Forums, or AskUbuntu.

2) While you were learning Linux, was there anybody (or group of people) who acted as a mentor to help you?

No, I did not have a mentor while learning Linux.

3) What made you want to join Linux Padawan as a master? What do you hope to gain, personally or professionally, from your involvement?

I joined because I enjoy helping others to understand what is the Ubuntu Community and what a non-developer/programmer can do within it. Also, the founder, Phil Whiteside is a good friend my mine.

I honestly don not know what I hope to gain from my involvement! Perhaps, mentoring in technical fields from the other masters, but nothing else (yet).

4) How many Padawan are you currently mentoring? What projects are you helping them get involved with?

I am mentoring one who wants to learn the ways of the Ubuntu Community and about the Ubuntu Leadership team.

5) Linux Padawan is still a relatively new project, but what has your experience been so far?

A good one so far and I enjoyed watching it grow.

6) What do you hope to help your Padawans achieve during your mentoring of them?

I hope that my Padawans use the skills that they have learn where they need to use them. Also to gain friendships between the masters and the Padawans.

7) Outside of Linux Padawan, what projects or community are you involved in?

I focus mostly on community building in the Ubuntu Community. My projects deal with training new leaders and creating tools to help people to get involved in teams.

8) What advice do you have for new users who are just starting off and want to learn more about Linux?

If you are stuck and need help, please ask around the forums and IRC channels of the distro that you are using rather than Googling for your answer, you will get a up-to-date answer that way!

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