30 Jan

Master Spotlight: Na3iL

Today we interview Na3iL


1) How did you first get started using Linux? What distros, software or resources did you use while learning?

When I was 12 years old, I was very interested about learning security & hacking stuff.
Thus, after a while searching in the web about good OS that protects you while you are online I met Linux, I used Mandriva & Ubuntu by the time of 2008.
From resources I’d used to learn Linux : openclassrooms.com, irc channels & free e-books.

2) While you were learning Linux, was there anybody (or group of people) who acted as a mentor to help you?

Unfortunately, There wasn’t no one to help, so I tried to search in forums, social networks etc.. and to post my questions & my bugs there.

3) What made you want to join Linux Padawan as a master? What do you hope to gain, personally or professionally, from your involvement?

In the 1st place, I joined Linux Padawan as a master to grow up my skills & to share my knowledge to Padawans here 😀

4) What did you learn most about being a padawan?

I learned a lot of good things 😀 The most important one that when you ask for help you will find a multiple answers from every side trying to help you..

5) How are you going to pass on mentoring? What projects will you help them get involved with?

I can help in many projects like Translation, WiKi documentation, SysAdmin staff & lot of other things..

6) Linux Padawan is still a relatively new project, but what has your experience been so far?

After I joined Linux Padawan, phillw asked me why I don’t apply for Ubuntu Membership, so I took his advice in consideration and I applied for it.
Now after getting my Ubuntu Membership I can’t decline that Linux Padawan and its members (Padawans/Masters) helped me a lot with their testimonials.
So I can just say that my experience with LP was very useful & fun in the same time.

7) What do you hope to help your Padawans achieve during your mentoring of them?

I can assume that I have many several skills, e.g programming, scripting, hacking, Linux in general and many other skills

8) Outside of Linux Padawan, what projects or community are you involved in?

I am currently involved in one of my projects which is LUG known as TGLUG (Tunisian GNU/Linux User Group). Besides I am involved with my LoCo team (Ubuntu-TN)

9) What advice do you have for new users who are just starting off and want to learn more about Linux?

1st of all, you are very lucky that you found Linux Padawan 😀 , my advice is to look for a master who can assist and help you in whatever you need to learn. 🙂

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