16 Jan

Master Spotlight: Bodhi Zazen

Linux Padawan is a place where new Linux users can learn from those who came before them, to gain the knowledge and experience they need to become contributing memners of the open source community. This is the first in a series of interviews with these Masters of Linux Padawan who are volunteering their time to raise up the next generation of community members.

Today we interview Bodhi Zazen

1) How did you first get started using Linux? What distros, software or
resources did you use while learning?

I started learning Linux when I became disatisifed with the service I was getting from Microsoft. I started with gentoo in 2002 and migrated to ubuntu with the release of 4.10. Actually I installed ubuntu by starting with Debian, changing to the ubuntu repositories, and upgrading.

Over the years I have used RHEL, Centos, Scientific, SUSE, Slackware, Wolvix, Puppy, Fedora, and Arch linux as well.

I learned by reading the online documentation, user forums, and IRC.

2) While you were learning Linux, was there anybody (or group of people)
who acted as a mentor to help you?

The ubuntu forums was very helpful to me as was my local LUG.

3) What made you want to join Linux Padawan as a master? What do you
hope to gain, personally or professionally, from your involvement?

In the past, I was very active in the Ubuntu community. I made a number of life long friends within the community , including phillw.

I joined as an extension of my friendship with phillw.

I do not seek to gain anything professionally, but personally I enjoy mentoring people as they start using Linux and guide them to contribute to the community.

4) How many Padawan are you currently mentoring? What projects are you
helping them get involved with?

All of them , any way I can.

5) Linux Padawan is still a relatively new project, but what has your
experience been so far?

So far I have watched them grow, and nudged them in a friendly way when they need. I have given advice on IRC and made new friends.

6) What do you hope to help your Padawans achieve during your mentoring
of them?

I hope as they become competent members of the community they will contribute back to the community. There are many ways to contribute from (quality) bug reports, to testing, to packaging, to writing code.

7) Outside of Linux Padawan, what projects or community are you involved in?

I am less active with the linux community in general, but I maintain one package, display-dhammapada and am somewhat active on IRC with Fedora and some online support forums.

I spend most of my time with my family and spend a fair amount of time with music. I play mandolin and piano, drums reluctantly, and occasional guitar.

I recently became active in musescore


Nice application, cross platform. I beta test , but report, and nudge them to package properly

8) What advice do you have for new users who are just starting off and
want to learn more about Linux?

Don’t be afraid of the command line =)

Start with a major distro, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, or SUSE and read the initial documentation.

Use google and put a little thought into questions when asking for assistance. You do not need to be an expert to ask a question, but a well thought out question with background information is more likely to get a positive result.

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